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pocket edition
published June 2014
by the author Diane J McGarel

This book is available for sale at the Blurb Publishing Website and also available at selected book stores.

Diane McGarel
Greater Chicago Area, IL

Until one accepts Christ, he/she is incomplete. In-Christ we become whole.  

Process:  About two years ago, I began experimenting with poetry. By combining this poetry with Photoshop images, paintings, and/or photography, I created a way of documenting and creatively expressing my growth in-Christ.  

Influences: Artistically, I have always admired artists such as Henry Matisse and Chuck Close. Towards the end of his life, Matisse couldn't paint anymore, so he developed his Cut-out Series as a way to express himself artistically. Chuck Close suffered a stroke, and instead of giving up on painting, he found a way to create art in spite of his physical disabilities caused by the stroke. Recently, I heard about the artist Phil Hansen, who gave the talk at the TED conference, entitled, 'Embracing the Shake."  Hansen developed a shake in his drawing hand, which limited his way of creating art, but opened his mind to think of art differently. He created different styles and mediums of art. This is what all these three artists have in common. When faced with adversity, each artist accepted their limitations and also embraced, adapted and enhanced their creativity. They made their weakness their strength artistically.  
Spiritually, I would say one of my biggest influences is the Church@Southland, who I consider my church family. Its pastors and members continuously provide me with love, patience and guidance. I listen weekly to the broadcasts of James MacDonald and Louie Giglio.  In addition, I also read, watch and seek various sources online as a way of spiritual growth.  Of course, my biggest influence is the Bible. It's where and when God speaks directly to me, for me.    

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