Saturday, September 19, 2009

My blog’s title arrives from a little play on words noting that this blog will be an endless stream of consciousness. Thus is a title all that necessary? Originally, I was going to call this blog ’thoughts of an artist’ but lets face it, isn’t that a bit boring and a tad unimaginative? When I am faced with this same dilemma of uncertainty of what to call a painting, I throw an ‘art naming party.’ I invite some friends over, pour some martinis and by the end of the evening, a title or two is born. When a get-together party isn’t possible then I must wait for pure inspiration to arise, a sudden bust of revelation that screams, “this should be its title.” I will take a walk and clear my head. I go about my daily business and ‘voila’ the name comes to me, an inspirational epiphany of pure genius.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a continuous student, grad student by night bored corporate worker by day. Strange but the older I get, the less I feel as if I know. I am troubled by life’s complexities, small or large. The small insignificant clothing dilemmas of the day to the big questions like, what is the meaning of life? What is my life’s purpose? Does life even have a purpose or meaning? I journey through life with the philosophy that we, as human beings are continuous forms of energy, learning and evolving from one stage of life to the next in an endless stream where death isn’t necessarily the end, it could be the beginning. So here is where I find myself at this moment of time, on this plateau taking a creative art course, fulfilling the assignment and creating this blog expressing my thoughts and artistic ability.
I find myself drawn to art. But I do hear over and over again from others that when I remark to them my self proclamation as being an artist a look of puzzlement on their faces. When I ask why they look so surprised, the answer to me is always the same, “you just seem too normal to be an artist.” Usually I respond with a slight giggle, a girlish flip of the hair and an enduring smile, “looks can be deceiving.” I ponder within, who wants to be normal? Ordinary? Dull and boring? Not me, say I. Ever since I reached the age of reason I’ve decided ‘normality’ was not for me. As such, I am compulsively drawn towards the urge to paint, the texture of the brushes and the playful exploration of computer graphics to conquer my inner demons through my artistic skills or adventures.


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"A peaceful walk of tranquility"

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