Sunday, December 27, 2009

Creative Adventures of 12-26-09

@DJ McGarel
Searching For A Title & Meaning
Digital, Size upon demand

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Still exploring as of 12-19-09: all work created by Diane McGarel of mcgarelgraphics

©DJ McGarel
Created 12-19-09, digital, untitled piece

© DJ McGarel
Untitled piece created 12-19-09, digital
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

McGarel Graphics Creations:

@2009 DJ McGarel

(Diane McGarel)

Entitled: Stepping Towards Enlightment
media: digital, sized: 16 x 20 inches

This piece began by me tossing dye onto the canvas and then scanning images into the computer. I prefer to work in the abstract because it gives the viewer more of an opportunity to make an independent interpretation of my art work. I like expressing my works in the forms of grids depicting the fragmentation of life.
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Creative Adventures of 12-13-09

© 2009 DJ McGarel
©2009 DJ McGarel

© 2009 DJ McGarel

Enjoyable day today spend working on some artistic creations.
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

© D.J. McGarel

titled: I would Scream but I have NO Mouth

Digital, 2007
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Monday, November 30, 2009

McGarel Graphics

© DJ McGarel
title: Plaid SeaShore
mixed media: combination of acrylic paints & computer graphics
sized: 24 inches x 30 inches

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

© 2007 D.J. McGarel
digital piece entitled: Being
This piece is part of an art exhibit entitled,
‘Portrait Without A Face.’

I begin each one of my pieces by drawing, painting and/or tossing dye onto a canvas. I then scan the painting onto my computer altering the image using two computer programs, Photoshop and/or Jasc PaintShop Pro. My mixed media pieces evolve when I take this digital image and then restructure this image upon the canvas surrounded by acrylic paints, torn and/or ripped paper or canvas, metal and various other items adhered onto the canvas. Each segment of this process should stand alone and have its own identity. I sometimes then re-photograph and/or rescan the mixed media pieces back into the computer and re-create a new digital art piece. This can become an endless circular process of digital, mixed media, digital and then mixed media.

One explanation for me using this technique as my mode of expression is that I am symbolizing the creation of an endless continuous life cycle: birth, death and rebirth. But I rather take a more post structural view for my creative expression, by asking the viewer/critic to be involved in the interpretation of my art. In my opinion, art and the expression of which is dialogical. It is a multi-faceted conversation that should proceed as a dialogue between the artist and the viewer. A more dialogical approach to this form of communication should be obtained in order to fully appreciate as well as one can the artist intent from multiple levels of expression. As such, I reject the idea that there is one purpose, one meaning and one singular concept that can sum up anything from whether it is a work of what society defines as art to the whole complex structure of what we, as a society call reality.

I prefer to work in the abstract because it gives the viewer/critic more of an opportunity to make an independent interpretation of my art work. I like expressing my works in the forms of grids depicting the fragmentation of life.
As such, I choose to call this series ‘Portrait Without A Face’ because some of the main concepts depicted within these works are the expression of hidden desires, Carl Jung’s theory of our hidden self in relationship to our known self, the emotional state of individuals and society as a whole, and that life constantly re-creates and invents itself. We, as in Baudrillard’s theories, create our own reality.

Influences for my own artistic self expression include such contemporary artists as Mike and Doug Starn whose torn-up photographs introduced to me the concept of having the viewer feel the photo in a similar fashion as having the viewer feel the paint of a painting.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Look Into MY Creative Soul.....

@ DJ McGarel, 2009
digital work entitled Tangler Moderne
Size determined by demand
My preference is to combine different media as a way of gaining perceptive and insight into one’s psyche and soul. My artwork combines what I can create by hand which can then be altered by artificial means. I often begin the creative process by painting or using dye onto a canvas. After I scan the imagery into my computer, I alter the pieces using various computer software programs such as Photoshop and Jasc Paintshop Pro.

Recent Art Work by Diane McGarel of mcgarelgraphics

@D.J. McGarel, 2009

Digital Work entitled, Tangler Moderne 121709

Size determined by demand.

created by Diane McGarel
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Passionately Making Meaning

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2008
@2009 DJ McGarel
Entitled: Through the Looking Glass
@2009 DJ McGarel
Entitled: Tangler Moderne

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where would we be without traffic signs?????

" I wonder. Are these traffic signs really necessary? Don't we know NOT to stand in-front of on-coming traffic? "

"I wonder, really I do"

Today’s observation

Beauty surrounds those who envision with their heart

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Walking in the sunshine can be so empowering, a good way to get one's head straight. Today, I took a long leisurely walk around GSU campus. Even though it was a short walk, I only had 30 minutes, the walk made me conscious of the sun, the wind and the beautiful sights that are all around us. These sights can be undetected if we, as human beings don't take the time to stop and smell the roses. Granted there are no roses that I am aware of around campus but I think you, the reader get the gist.
Enjoy the pics. :- )

california trip 2009

Why does an ‘artist day’ just have to be one day, one hour, one tiny moment of time? I must admit that I am very fortunate. Recently I was able to take a week off from work and visit a close friend who recently moved to Carpinteria, California. I was able to have a whole artist week. Not sure which I enjoyed more, the walks on the beach looking at the waves, relaxing soaks in the hot tub gazing up at the stars, a day of festive drinking in the wine country or visiting the botanical gardens and cemetery at a mission in Santa Barbara. Much needed time of R & R. Now that reality sets in and I’m back to the real world, another dear friend of mine says to me, ‘envision what your life will be and it shall be.‘ If life could only be that easy? Me, being the ‘doubting thomas’ that I am, doubt that positive thinking is the sole key to happiness, but figuring what do I have to lose will give my friend’s suggestion a try. I search to find the equilibrium between the drudgery of everyday life and those moments that make me glad to be alive.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My blog’s title arrives from a little play on words noting that this blog will be an endless stream of consciousness. Thus is a title all that necessary? Originally, I was going to call this blog ’thoughts of an artist’ but lets face it, isn’t that a bit boring and a tad unimaginative? When I am faced with this same dilemma of uncertainty of what to call a painting, I throw an ‘art naming party.’ I invite some friends over, pour some martinis and by the end of the evening, a title or two is born. When a get-together party isn’t possible then I must wait for pure inspiration to arise, a sudden bust of revelation that screams, “this should be its title.” I will take a walk and clear my head. I go about my daily business and ‘voila’ the name comes to me, an inspirational epiphany of pure genius.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a continuous student, grad student by night bored corporate worker by day. Strange but the older I get, the less I feel as if I know. I am troubled by life’s complexities, small or large. The small insignificant clothing dilemmas of the day to the big questions like, what is the meaning of life? What is my life’s purpose? Does life even have a purpose or meaning? I journey through life with the philosophy that we, as human beings are continuous forms of energy, learning and evolving from one stage of life to the next in an endless stream where death isn’t necessarily the end, it could be the beginning. So here is where I find myself at this moment of time, on this plateau taking a creative art course, fulfilling the assignment and creating this blog expressing my thoughts and artistic ability.
I find myself drawn to art. But I do hear over and over again from others that when I remark to them my self proclamation as being an artist a look of puzzlement on their faces. When I ask why they look so surprised, the answer to me is always the same, “you just seem too normal to be an artist.” Usually I respond with a slight giggle, a girlish flip of the hair and an enduring smile, “looks can be deceiving.” I ponder within, who wants to be normal? Ordinary? Dull and boring? Not me, say I. Ever since I reached the age of reason I’ve decided ‘normality’ was not for me. As such, I am compulsively drawn towards the urge to paint, the texture of the brushes and the playful exploration of computer graphics to conquer my inner demons through my artistic skills or adventures.


St John Church
St John, IN

"A peaceful walk of tranquility"

blog created by Diane McGarel or mcgarelgraphics