Sunday, December 30, 2012


Greetings:  I am working on a ten piece series entitled BORDERLESS.  Here is the first finished piece of the series exploring one's boundaries.

The piece entitled, Emotions, represents the emotions of one’s private pain.  Those moments when we ask ourselves,  'can this emotional whole ever be filled?'  Can there ever be comfort?  If so, then  by how and what will heal the pain, your particular individual pain?  These are the questions that I personally explored while completing this art piece for the series entitled, BORDERLESS.  Each piece in the series explore one aspect of borders close up and personal.  

© 2012 by D.J. McGarel
entitled, Emotions
20 inches by 20 inches
mixed media: textural paints and wire.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

mcgarelgraphics artwork

©2012 DJ McGarel
artwork of December 2012
mixed media on stretched canvas
sized 12 x 12 inches

©2012 DJ McGarel
New artwork of December 2012
mixed media on stretched canvas
sized: 12 x 12 inches

can watch a personal video concerning my artwork at:

       I am an active member of these following organizations: Illiana Artists, Tall Grass Arts Association and the Union Street Artists Guild.  

      In 2007, I earned my master’s degree from Governors State University in Communications & Training.  While obtaining my master’s degree, I audited several graduate art courses and in 2008-10, earned nine credit hours towards my MFA degree.    

       Process: My mixed-media works evolve when I take the digital image, change it, and restructure it on the canvas by using acrylic paints, torn or ripped paper or canvas, metal, and various other objects,  My predilection for abstract art is revealed in the preponderance of grids and fragmentation viewed in my artwork.  Both the digital and mixed-media effect invites the viewer (or critic) to observe or interpret the works, by offering infinite possibilities without limitations.  In my latest work, I am adding more realism and as such are using more photography in the art work.    

       Influences:  My art is an expression of all my experiences that have manifested in a collective process.  In my adult life, I have been highly influenced by brothers Doug and Mike Starn. They were the first to introduce me to the notion that photography like paint should have a tactile component. Photography can be felt as well as just viewed by the viewer.  As such, I have incorporated texture in my works by surrounding the torn digital prints with paints, sand and other materials. Other artists I admire are Chuck Close and Henri Mattise who when faced with human frailty did not let their handicaps cripple them. They creatively endured and even strived to overcome adversity, and in the process enhanced their art works.