Tuesday, September 27, 2011

enTANGLEMENT arrives at Monkey Mind Art Studios in Frankfort

© 2011 DJ McGarel


digital on carved wood with beads

enTANGLEMENT is an art series by Diane McGarel.

exhibit dates: September 26-November 2, 2011

reception: Sunday October 16, 2011

artist statement:

Anger, fear and doubt are just a few of the emotions I am experiencing simultaneously upon learning the shocking news that one of my best friends has cancer. “How can this be?” I asked myself. “She eats right, exercises, doesn't smoke or drink, why her? It doesn't seem fair!!!!” As inwardly I scream in anguish, I outwardly smile to be supportive. My art series entitled, enTANGLEMENT illustrates the emotional battle and strength required to face devastation with dignity. My father died at 52 of lung cancer. At his funeral, my Uncle spoke of his courage and how those during my father’s time of need he thought of us not of himself. In my opinion that is what love is; to give others the courage to endure the impossible.

website: mcgarelgraphics

A week prior to the reception, Sunday October 16th, the art piece entitled, DECISIONS will be on sale on eBay. The funds raised from this sale will be donated to Faye's Light Cancer Organization in Homewood, IL

enTANGLEMENT displayed at Monkey Mind Art Studios, 3 W Nebraska, Frankfort, IL 60423
website: http://www.monkeymindartstudio.com/