Monday, December 19, 2011


getting to know the owner of mcgarelgraphics

Diane McGarel was born on April 5th in Roseland, which is on the far Southside of Chicago IL. Her Father, a sexton for the Catholic Cemeteries instilled in her a beauty for various cemeteries art treasuries such as stain glass, headstones and mausoleums. From her mother, McGarel has gained the courage to re-define her career and followed her first love-- art. Her art work combines painting with computer graphics. In 2004, McGarel earned a B.A. degree majoring in Art History from Governors State University. She continued her education by earning a master’s degree in Communications & Training while completing several graduate level art courses at GSU.

The process of creation should be just as important as the finished product. My art work whether it be digital or a painting share either a textile feel or the illusion of having texture. The earlier digital art pieces began with me tossing paint or dye onto a canvas. The images where then scanned and altered in both Jasc Paint shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop. The mixed-media art works evolved when I took the digital finished image and changed it by restructuring, tearing or gluing the new image onto the canvas surrounding it by a variety of materials: each segment of the art sand, pebbles, acrylic paint, metal, torn paper or canvas, etc... By using this process each art piece can stand alone. At times I prefer to work in the abstract having the fragmentation and grids define itself: helping the viewer (critic) define or interpret the works by offering an infinite possibilities without limitations. My later digital works are more defined. I am using less abstraction but more realism. This past year, 2011, I have exhibited four separate solo shows: JourneyTowards Fulfillment, Unfulfilled, Mirrors of the subconscious and Entanglement. For these shows the combination of digital, painting and mixed-media art pieces explored various emotional issues ranging from helping the individual define life’s purpose for him or herself to facing some type of adversity with triumph. I am in the process of defining; making a firm stand as defining exactly what are my own beliefs and purpose in life. I do so with the support of God, family and friends as my foundation. Towards Fulfillment, Unfulfilled, Mirrors of the subconscious and Entanglement.


My art is an expression of my experiences which have manifested in a collective process. In my adult life, I have been highly influenced by brothers Doug and Mike Starn, by whom I had been introduced to the notion that photography, same as painting, could have a tactile component. As such, I have incorporated texture into my art works by surrounding torn digital prints with paints, sand and other materials. Other artists I admire are Chuck Close and Henri Matisse, individuals faced with human frailty whom did not let their physical setbacks cripple their creative energies; they overcame adversity, and in the process of doing so, became innovators.

artwork can be seen @ mcgarelgraphics

note: working on the new show. The working title is WALK BY FAITH. I am working on a piece titled: Jonah 3:1 concerning second chances. It is in the formation stages and yes, will post when I have more info.

Today I was working on getting the website converted from IWeb to worldpress. It doesn't as of yet come on as far as I can tell a google search but who knows.