Tuesday, October 26, 2010

which image is the best?

These past two days I created these three images. All very similar but with slight differences. I am unsure which digital image I prefer. I am still working on the title, something about earth, life and the history of one's mistakes or past that effects one's future. All three of these images are copy written by yours truly, Diane McGarel.

If interested more of my computer images can be seen at mcgarelgraphics.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Riverwalk, San Antonio TX

A place I plan to re-visit is San Antonio TX. The Riverwalk is amazing. I spend a week enjoying the city. We traveled daily by river taxi. We ate at great places but I think our favorite was Landry's. I saw two art museums: San Antonio Art Museum and the McNay Art Museum. We went to the Towers of America, 75 stories up in the air and had an incredible lunch looking down onto the city. At the San Antonio Art Museum, we listened to the curator speak of the latest exhibition, all about Egyptian Art. All in all, loads of fun and yes, I do plan to re-visit someday in the near not to distant future.

enjoying time at San Antonio's McNay Art Museum

I ( Diane McGarel ) had an enjoyable time visiting San Antonio. Besides from the views of the Riverwalk, I had the great pleasure of visiting two art museums. Both were awesome !!!! Lucky me gets to travel a lot and visit many different sights. Here are some of the pics of me enjoying this great museum. For lack of a better word, the artwork was awesome.

my artwork can be viewed at mcgarelgraphics: http://web.me.com/dmcga456/McGarel_Graphics/Welcome.html