Thursday, October 1, 2009

california trip 2009

Why does an ‘artist day’ just have to be one day, one hour, one tiny moment of time? I must admit that I am very fortunate. Recently I was able to take a week off from work and visit a close friend who recently moved to Carpinteria, California. I was able to have a whole artist week. Not sure which I enjoyed more, the walks on the beach looking at the waves, relaxing soaks in the hot tub gazing up at the stars, a day of festive drinking in the wine country or visiting the botanical gardens and cemetery at a mission in Santa Barbara. Much needed time of R & R. Now that reality sets in and I’m back to the real world, another dear friend of mine says to me, ‘envision what your life will be and it shall be.‘ If life could only be that easy? Me, being the ‘doubting thomas’ that I am, doubt that positive thinking is the sole key to happiness, but figuring what do I have to lose will give my friend’s suggestion a try. I search to find the equilibrium between the drudgery of everyday life and those moments that make me glad to be alive.

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