Monday, May 27, 2013

ART in the WORD

© 2013 DJ McGarel
media: mixed
sized 20 x 20 inches on stretched canvas
©2013 DJ McGarel
media: Acrylic paint
Sized: 20 x 20 inches on Stretch Canvas

Above my art piece entitled, ENLIGHTENMENT is part of the B-O-R-D-E-R-L-E-S-S series.  The ten piece assembly art work expressing and exploring barriers and bounders.  

© 2013 DJ McGarel
entitled:  pending at the moment
media: Acrylic
sized: 20 x 20 inches on stretched canvas

The three artworks I have posted are part of the new series and also part of a new movement I will like to express as Art in the WORD.  Let me please define.  The movement's mission is to create artistic expression that glorifies God.  Creating Art that is considered Vertical as defined by James MacDonald in his recently published book entitled, Vertical Church.  I am adapting MacDonald's  four pillars as my own in how I will for now on express artistic expression  

1. Unashamed adoration- expressing treasure of God in artistic means
2. Preaching- communicating God's Word in truth, mercy, & grace.  
3. Evangelism- expressing God's Glory without giving myself, the artist praise but praising the Lord
4. Prayer- creating an expression to build a relationship with Christ.  Then process or prayer at which
                 the art is created is just as important as the finished process.  

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