Monday, April 9, 2012

Artwork for March/April 2012 by DJ McGarel

© 2012 DJ McGarel
Are We There Yet?
two digital images sized 8 1/2 x 11 inches in a glass frame mounted
on a carved wooden board
sized: 24 inches x 11 inches

© 2012 D J McGarel
Broken Pathways
Media: mixed; collage: combination of digital with
paint, sand, metal, leaves

Both pieces are new as I am exploring having the art work have textile feel. Whether the art has texture itself or just the look texture contained with in the artwork. My mixed-media works (such as my piece, Broken Pathways) evolves when I take the digital image, change it, and restructure it on the canvas by using acrylic paints, torn or ripped paper or canvas, metal, and various other objects. My predilection for abstract art is revealed in the preponderance of grids and fragmentation viewed in my artwork. The digital and mixed-media effect invites the viewer (or critic) to observe or interpret the works, by offering infinite possibilities without limitations. Both works symbolize the fragmentation of life.

You Tube video of my show at the Monkey Mind Studio last year in 2011

If you wish to check out more of my artwork... check out my business's website: mcgarel graphics

Thanks for viewing,

Diane McGarel

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