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These two images of the left are entitled:

Plaid Purple Haze
© DJ McGarel
mixed media

© DJ McGarel
mixed media

Diane McGarel

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Mirrors of the Subconscious

Artist Statement:

Our images, passions, and individual perceptions are mere reflections, a mirror-image of who we are and who we want to be. Since the subconscious is uncontrolled thought, it can be altered, somewhat like a reflection in a mirror. The mirror-image only reflects from left to right, but never from top to bottom. Images that appear left in real life will appear right in the mirror-image. Our subconscious, our individual thought processes, are similar to the mirror-image because they only reflect the subconscious (uncontrolled thoughts) through the conscious (controlled thoughts). Both our subconscious as well as our conscious manufacture true and false images simultaneously. The resulting representation solely depends on one’s own subjective reality. Mirrors are man-made manifestations of one’s own psyche. My series, entitled “Mirrors of the Subconscious,” is just that, my uncontrolled thought processes, distorted, through a controlled environment (conscious thought), in a constant state of flux.


I begin each of my digital works of art by drawing, painting, and/or tossing dye onto canvas. I then scan the images onto my computer, altering them with a variety of computer programs. My predilection for abstract art is revealed in the preponderance of grids and fragmentation viewed in my artwork. This technique presents viewers with my personal mode of expression, because it symbolizes, to me, the endless circle of life. Moreover, the digital and mixed-media possibilities invite viewers to interpret the works in fruitful and multiple ways, by offering infinite possibilities without limitations.

y art is an expression of my experiences which have manifested in a collective process. In my adult life, I have been highly influenced by brothers Doug and Mike Starn, by whom I had been introduced to the notion that photography, same as painting, could have a tactile component. As such, I have incorporated texture into my works by surrounding the torn digital prints with paints, sand, and other materials. Other artists whom I admire are Chuck Close and Henri Matisse, individuals faced with human frailty whom did not let their physical setbacks cripple their creative energies; they overcame adversity, and, in the process of doing so, became innovators.

Selected Shows and Exhibitions:

2011 Mirrors of the Subconscious, Solo Show. S. Suburban College, South Holland, IL

2011 The Struggle for Art 111, an invitational Exhibit. CornerStone Art Center, Whiting, IN

2011 Illiana Artist Group Show, S. Shore Convention Center, Hammond, IN

2011 Unfulfilled. Solo Exhibition, Tinley Park Library, Tinley Park, IL

2010 Either/Or. Union Street Gallery, Chicago Hts, IL. Nat’l Juried Event

Juror: Jason Lahr. Curator of the S Bend Museum of Art, IL

2010 Collective Art Show. Glenwood-Lynwood Library, Lynwood, IL

2010 Between Fragmentation. Solo Exhibition, Frankfort Library, Frankfort, IL

2010 Image Attitude Impression. Union Street Gallery, Chicago Hts. IL Nat’l Juried Event

Juror: Geoffrey Bates. Director and Curator of the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park, IL

2009 Student Art Show. Governors State University. University Park, IL

Juror: Mark Zlotkowski. Professor, DePaul University, IL

Entrée’ entitled, Honesty is Never a Lie, awarded Honorable Mention.

2008 Mirrors and Masks, Union Street Artists Guild Collective Show, S. Suburban College,

2008 4th Annual Self Portrait Show. 33 Collective Gallery, Chicago, IL. Nat’l Juried Event

Juror: Joyce Morishita, Emeritus Professor: Governors State University, University Park, IL

Ph.D. in Art History and M.A. in Painting from Northwestern University

2008 Faye Light Silent Art Auction. Governors State University, University Park, IL

2008 Union Street Artist Guild Exhibiton. Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights, IL

2007 Perceptives: Any Way You Look At It. Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights, IL.

Juror: Allison Peters, Director of Exhibitions, Hyde Park Art Center, Nat’l juried event.

2007 Illiana Artists 11th Juried Regional Exhibition. Chesterton Art Center, IN.

Juror, Karen DePirro, Professional Artist, MA: Cranbrook Academy of Art.

Entrée entitled, Plunder and Asunder, awarded honorable mention, mixed media piece.

2007 Student Art Show. Governors State University, University Park, IL 60411

2007 National On-Line Self Portrait Exhibition. www.33collective.com/3rdPortrait/index.html

Juror: Matthew Ivan Cherry, Dean of Fine Arts, South Suburban College, IL

2007 Annual Artist Exhibition, Tall Grass Art Gallery, Park Forest, IL.

2007 Focus on Chicago: Photo and Digital Exhibition. 33 Collective Gallery, Chicago, IL.

added side note: Due to the fact that MobileMe will no longer be available in June 2012. I am in the process of changing my business website. I have a few art works and information posted on wordpress.com

you can access the new site by googling mcgarelgraphics@worldpress.com

or even mcgarelgraphics.wordpress

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