Monday, June 13, 2011

New artwork: for Entanglement 2011

© DJ McGarel

entitled: Vision 25/30

Media: mixed media

two canvases sized 3 inches x 6 inches each

Vision 25/30: Vision was created because while printing the digital image for another art work, I neglected to notice that there was a previous piece of paper in the printer. This digital image printed on two separate sheets making the original print unusable. Since I hate letting things go to waste. I began to think of this as an opportunity instead of a disaster. Perhaps this is a way for me to think beyond the box? Be a challenge instead of a disability. Instantly I began cutting up the digital image and without conscious thought glued the prints onto two separate canvases. Upon completion, I stood back and took a long look at the image before me. It was that of an eyeball, a distorted entangled image of reality. My mind began to race with questions. I question do we as individuals view life without any preconceived preconceptions? Are we forever cursed to be haunted by past mistakes? Can one truly forgive the past, learn from our mishaps and begin anew? I wonder. I have decided to call this piece, Vision 25/30 because try as we must, in my opinion our preconceived notions of reality do shape the present as well as the future. Vision like perception varies in depths of reality and can never be a perfect 20/20. Life is never perfect. Just as one’s eyesight varies from person to person, so does one’s reality. It's important for us to embrace the challenge and not let a mishap cripple us beyond repair. 'Embrace, learn and empower,' that's my motto.

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