Tuesday, March 22, 2011

S. Suburban Art Show- Mirror of the Subconcious

artist statement by Diane McGarel

Our images, passions, and individual perceptions are mere reflections, a mirrored image of whom we are and who we want to be. Since the subconscious is an uncontrolled thought, it can be altered, somewhat like a reflection in a mirror. The mirrored image only reflects from left to right but never from top to bottom. Images that appear left in real life will appear right in the mirrored image. Our subconscious, our individual thought processes are similar to mirrored image because they only reflect the subconscious (uncontrolled thoughts) through the conscious (controlled thoughts). Both our subconscious as well as our conscious manufactures truthful and false images simultaneously. The resulting representation solely depends on one’s own subjective reality. Mirrors are man-made manifestations of one’s own psyche. My series entitled, Mirrors of the Subconscious is just that, my uncontrolled thoughts processes distorted through a controlled environment (conscious thought) in a constant state of flux.


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