Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tinley Park Library's Exhibition for February 2011


Art has personally been a healing process for me, adding comfort and joy to my life. While working on the exhibition, Journey towards Fulfillment, I began to realize that one can never be completely fulfilled—the challenges are too great and the hurdles are too large in number. And so, in a sense we are all unfulfilled. Whether we decide on filling the void with spiritual or intellectual healing, life’s journey often seems like a never-ending quest towards meaning, purpose and enlightenment. The steps we take, along with the process we choose, to getting fulfilled, are different for everyone. But ultimately we all aim at the same goal—to attain inner peace. Art creates that beacon for me, and allows me to explore, challenge and express my inner soul. Exploration of my works convey an inter voice to my audience in reaching to become fulfilled.


I begin each of my digital works of art by drawing, painting, or tossing dye onto canvas. I then scan the image onto my computer, altering it with a variety of computer programs. My mixed-media works evolve when I take the digital image, change it, and restructure it on the canvas by using acrylic paints, torn or ripped paper or canvas, metal, and various other objects, My predilection for abstract art is revealed in the preponderance of grids and fragmentation viewed in my artwork.

This technique offers the viewer my personal mode of expression because it symbolizes to me the endless circle of life. Similarly, the digital and mixed-media effect invites the viewer (or critic) to observe or interpret the works, by offering infinite possibilities without limitations.

y art is an expression of all my experiences that have manifested in a collective process. In my adult life, I have been highly influenced by brothers Doug and Mike Starn. They were the first to introduce me to the notion that photography like paint should have a tactile component. Photography can be felt as well as just viewed by the viewer. As such, I have incorporated texture in my works by surrounding the torn digital prints with paints, sand and other materials. Other artists I admire are Chuck Close and Henri Mattise who when faced with human frailty did not let their handicaps cripple them. They creatively endured and even strived to overcome adversity, and in the process enhanced their art works.

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